30 Days No Alcohol Weight Loss EXEPERIENCE

You can lose anywhere from 25 lbs to 30 lbs without even trying.

But, in most cases, the kind of alcoholic you are determines how much weight you will gain or lose.

If you’re drinking plenty of high-calorie micro-brew ales, you’ll begin to lose weight and start looking better at 30 days. If you’re consuming hard alcohol and now quit, you’ll start eating regular meals again, but you’ll crave sweets. So, you’ll probably gain weight within 30 days.

30 Days No Alcohol Weight Loss

After Drinking Alcohol Excessively Every Night for Months, Is It Normal to Experience Fast Weight Loss Once Stopped?

Yes, absolutely! You’ll lose weight fast but it won’t go on forever, though. You will need to substitute booze with better nutrition and exercise.

  • You’ll eat healthy meals and less of beer and pizza
  • Have more sound sleep which will give you more energy in the morning
  • Mire energy to move around, more
  • Exercise
  • A boost in metabolism
  • Replacing booze with water will hydrate you and your innards, which will aid in the detoxification of your liver.
  • Your skin, breath, and hair will look much better.

How Much Weight Can I Lose If I Stop Drinking Alcohol For 30 Days?

How many meals you eat and your activity levels will determine how much weight loss you experience when you quit drinking.

A lot of people experience weight loss when they stop drinking, but, because alcohol features more calories than most people know, especially if they are heavy drinkers and also have a poor diet consisting of food high in calories.

You won’t experience weight loss if you’re still eating too much food after you stop drinking booze, but it could be a good start.

People don’t make good decisions when they are intoxicated, including diet choices.

Author: Dr. Janet Hicks

Dr. Janet Hicks is an addiction medicine physician trained and certified to provide comprehensive care for addiction and substance-related disorders, including the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of such health conditions. With more than 25 years of experience, Doctor Janet Hicks helps you by providing all information required to educate yourself about substance detox and recovery.

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