Can A Pregnant Woman Drink Guinness Stout/Smirnoff Ice?

No, a pregnant woman should not drink Guinness stout. It is not safe to drink during pregnancy.

The NHS advises that couples seeking a baby or pregnant should not drink any alcohol at all. This includes Guinness and other lager and beer type as well as spirits and wines.

Guinness Draught is a type of Irish stout. It contains 4.1% ABV, while Guinness Original contains 4.2%. That’s more than two units of alcohol per pint.

Please avoid it!

Alcohol-free Guinness may be safe to drink during pregnancy but please, check in with your midwife first.

Is Guinness Good for You?

Guinness contains only 0.3 mg of iron – a tiny amount so it’s an old wives tale that Guinness will supply your body with iron.

Dark chocolate is good for your iron levels (as are dried apricots) Go get some Green & Blacks cooking chocolate! Good for babe too.

Guinness To Induce Labor – Does it Work?

No, I have never heard or read about the use of Guinness to induce labor. It would also be rather unethical to study this due to the negative health effects that the consumption of alcohol by pregnant mothers has on their children.

You should never attempt to induce labor in any way or manner without first discussing it with your care provider. There are both benefits and high risks involved with going into labor on your own.

What Does Hot Guinness Do To Pregnancy?

Guinness is a beer and on its own might just get you drunk. However, if you hot it up and drink it, it can prevent pregnancy or cause miscarriage.

I heard it becomes more potent if you add a dash of black pepper to it. I got this information from a few clients that have tried it and swore it worked.

Can You Drink Stout When Pregnant?

Although the occasional half a pint of Guinness stout is fine, I still wouldn’t recommend alcohol when you’re pregnant.

Better to be safe than sorry.

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Can A Pregnant Woman Drink Malta Guinness?

Yes, as far as it is free from alcohol. It should be fine.

As far as I know, Malta Guinness is 100% free from alcohol. Some “alcohol-free” beverages like Vino and O’Douls actually have small amounts of alcohol (about 0.5 percent), so they are not really alcohol-free.

If large amounts are consumed, significant amounts of alcohol can be absorbed, and there is no “safe” amount in pregnancy. However, Malta Guinness is listed as zero alcohol. So, it is safe.

Can Malt Drink Cause Miscarriage?

No, malt drink is safe and cannot cause miscarriage during pregnancy.

Is Craving Guinness Pregnancy Fine?

if you’re craving Guinness maybe see if the midwife can check your iron? Sometimes our cravings can be a sign of anemia.

I really enjoyed a Miller Sharps non-alcoholic beer that I had the other night. I like beer–and it tasted like, well, a light beer (sorry, not the Guinness taste by a long shot). I am kind of weird about alcohol and pregnancy, so personally, I would stick to N/A beer. But, I don’t think that one would hurt.

Also, Some fruit juices have around that alcohol by volume or more. It’s just if it’s been fermented a little but they can’t guarantee it is totally alcohol-free. Probably not good to drink it constantly but one would be unlikely to be harmful, but it’s up to you really!

Can A Pregnant Woman Drink Guinness Stout

Can A Pregnant Woman Drink Smirnoff Ice?

Yes, as long as you stop at one.

Can a Nursing Mother Drink Smirnoff Ice?

A nursing mother can drink Smirnoff ice and still feed her baby as long as she isn’t drunk or buzzed.

If you’re safe to drive a car you’re safe to feed the baby. If it makes you feel better you can drink it after the baby nurses and by the time they nurse again it will be quite alright.

Author: Dr. Janet Hicks

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