Does Alcohol Affect LH Surge? Our Story

No, alcohol does not affect the LH surge. So, don’t worry. However, that isn’t to say you should embark on reckless drinking.

My wife had a couple of drinks on Friday and still got her first positive. She first used one of the cheap one and she tests twice a day, as you could miss a surge.

But clear blue digital is what she uses now. It’s quite more expensive to use it but for good reasons.

Clearblue fertility monitor is not cheap but at least it gives you a clear idea when you’re ovulating as it tells you first when there is an increase in estrogen which happens as your ovulation approaches and then it picks up your LH surge which triggers ovulation so it makes it easy to see when to get on with it.

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My friend, Hannah who used it for the first time got pregnant and I have heard amazing stories from several other people that have used it.

Does Alcohol Affect LH Surge

You’d agree this info is correct when you read the information in the leaflet of the equipment.

Author: Dr. Janet Hicks

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