Does Spicy Food Cure A Hangover? LEARN MORE

Spicy foods like cayenne pepper or hot chicken wings can help cure a hangover.

It’s how I have been curing my headache-y hangover for the past 2 years.

The kick you get from spicy hot salsa and carnitas can act as a natural pain reliever and send away a headache before you need to sit down to work.

You can have this spice mix with fresh veggies, rice, and guacamole for a filling hangover cure.

My friend, Jenna recommends “Raw fish, rice, and veggies” for a classic healthy dish to help your hangover. According to her, the secret lies in the classic condiment wasabi.

Just a bit of that spicy paste can aid stimulation of your blood circulation, which in turn rids your body of toxins faster. The sheer jolt of hot wasabi can help ‘snap’ you back into productive mode!

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Does Spicy Food Help Hangovers?

Yes, spicy meals help sort out hangovers you might experience.

Can Spicy Food Cure Hangover?

Of course, it does. Spicy foods help alleviate hangovers.

I always thought it probably has something to do with the endorphin release.

Is Spicy Food Bad For Hangover?

Spicy foods aren’t bad for hangovers. They’re actually recommended to help you feel better.

Does Spicy Food Cure A Hangover

Does Spicy Food Help with Hangover?

Spicy foods will help lift your spirits up whenever you’re feeling under the weather – be it self-induced or alcohol-induced.

You can have a spicy bowl of menudo or bun bo hue whenever you wake up feeling shitty.

Author: Dr. Janet Hicks

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