[QUICK FIX] How To Lose Belly Fat For 13 Year Olds, FAST!

The most effective and healthy way for a 13-year-old to lose belly fat is through exercise and diet control.

First, try exercises like flat support, sit-ups, hula hoops, jogging, running, playing, etc. These promote the combustion of abdominal fat, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Secondly, you should be conscious of diet control. Take active steps in your daily diet and quantity. Avoid eating meals high in calories and fats. Instead, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Lastly, buy an intelligent body fat scale to test your body data.

Need more tips on losing belly fat and getting toned? Follow my recommended routine:

  • Wake up daily at 05:00h
  • Drink 2 glasses of fresh Lemon water
  • Dress up and go for a morning jog. Do 5kms on a minimum.
  • Do some self-weight training like push up. 2 reps of 18 chin-ups.
  • Return home and have 2 glasses of fruit juice, and 2 boiled egg white for breakfast
  • At 11:00h, have one bowl of fresh-cut fruits
  • At 13:00h, have a stomach full of lunch. No oily or high-fat stuff. No ghee or Parathas either
  • No afternoon siesta
  • At 17:30, go for a 3kms run in the evening and do some light weight training
  • At 18:00, have dinner but please don’t make it late or eat too much that you can’t sleep on time.

Some additional important Don’ts

  • Never take water right after a meal.
  • Don’t drink water right after eating anything sugary
  • Avoid coffee, tea, sugar drinks, or alcohol for the next 3 months.

How To Lose Belly Fat For 13-Year-Olds

Here are some easy stuff you can do and get rid of your belly fat:

  • Drink Warm Lemon and Honey Water

We recommend having a glass of lemon and honey water when you wake and while checking your notifications, engage in a walk.

Have some good breakfast (that you love and are healthy) but never eat while your mind is distracted. In other words, just focus on your food and avoid multi-tasking.

That helps you eat as much as your stomach really needs since your conscious mind will be observing every little bite.

  • Avoid Heavy Workouts

Yes, that’s right! Your body is still growing so don’t overwork it during exercise. Avoid stuff like heavy workouts and jumping jacks.

Instead, do what hypes you up. For me, that is dancing or running, for you, it can be anything.

  • Incorporate veggies and Fruit in your diet

You can include more salad and fruits into your regular meal.

I like to include onions and cucumbers in my meals and they help me stay more hydrated and balanced.

  • Stay more hydrated, and break your big meal into more tiny pieces.

This helps you only take in as much food as you need. Thereby helping you achieve your weight loss goal quicker.

  • Do not Binge eat

If for some reason or another, you find yourself eating a lot and don’t know why. Think about the reason and change it.

For example, whenever I procrastinate or overstress, I binge eat. I changed it to walk while watching YouTube and it worked.

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Is it ok for a 13 Year Old Girl To Have Belly Fat?

Yes, it’s okay for a 13-year-old girl to have belly fat.

In fact, abdominal fat is not dangerous – just plain impossible.

The only time belly fat becomes a problem is when you’re severely overweight/obese.

In other words, a little belly fat won’t harm you but being obese will affect your health.

The truth is – no matter the diet, exercise, or way of life, you’ll still have fat on you.

It is normal for the human body to have fat. So, don’t be obsessed with appearing things, liked by boys or a big ass.

How To Lose Belly Fat For 13 Year Olds

Should a teen be worried about Weight If They Have A Bit Of Belly Fat?

Hell No! Belly fat is a natural occurrence and a teen should not be worried about losing weight at such a young age, especially when they are susceptible to forming an eating disorder.

Love your body and listen to its needs. You can try out some fun exercises if you feel you need to get some.

Never starve yourself as this is both worrisome and unhealthy and can affect you all through your life.

If you feel happy with your energy levels, appearance, etc., keep doing what you’re doing.

Everyone has belly fat at one point or another and it’s not a bad thing. We’ve stigmatized weight gain so much based on aesthetics rather than health. Focus on the things that actually matter to you.

And last but not least! It takes time and it’s okay to fail but DO NOT give up.

Good luck !

Author: Dr. Janet Hicks

Dr. Janet Hicks is an addiction medicine physician trained and certified to provide comprehensive care for addiction and substance-related disorders, including the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of such health conditions. With more than 25 years of experience, Doctor Janet Hicks helps you by providing all information required to educate yourself about substance detox and recovery.

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