What Will Happen If I drink Every Day for 10 Years? [FIND OUT]

Do you ONLY FEEL HAPPY WHEN YOU DRINK? That’s depression and drinking while depressed will (not can) lead to alcoholism. You’re using booze as a coping mechanism and that’s how addictions start. Get therapy.

Drinking alcohol every day for 10 years could make you experience:

  • Seizure,
  • High blood pressure
  • Poor Lover functions
  • Increased enzyme levels
  • Anxiety
  • Stroke
  • A large tolerance for booze
  • Unhealthy diseases and conditions affect your kidneys, liver, heart, blood pressure, and brain.
  • Horrid migraine
  • Homelessness
  • Scared organs
  • Your Skin Becomes A Sickly Hello-Green Undertone
  • You look older than your age
  • It decreases testosterone
  • Increases mental health problems,
  • Causes cognitive decline
  • Reduce your lifespan
  • Mess up your intestines
  • Erection Problems,
  • Getting out of bed is harder
  • Cirrhosis

You should quit alcohol, stay sober, live a healthy lifestyle and see a doctor. That will be best in preventing any sort of disease if you decide to stop now.

Many drinkers aren’t aware of how much they put themselves at risk and this is why you need a physical doctor who is experienced in AUD.

Speaking to a doctor before trying to quit helps a lot. Since that prevents you from doing it cold turkey.

Detox is usually the beginner step in the treatment program. It’s hard to know what your drinking has done to your body until you get sober.

Depending on how bad things are, the doctor might connect you with a rehab unit with specialists that can help you conquer this long-time addiction and turn your life around for the better.

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What Will Happen If I drink Every Day for 10 Years?

The aftermath of alcoholism will depend on the extent to which you drink.

There has been some evidence that suggests small amounts of red wine can be cardio-protective. But, generally speaking, all alcohol can be poison.

Your body can heal from its effects with occasional use or small amounts ingested. However, if you drink more than 1 servings a day for women and 2 servings per day for men, it becomes excessive.

Especially if you are drinking on a daily basis. Yes, drinking on a daily basis builds your tolerance. This tolerance then lets you increase the amount ingested to experience the intended effect.

It can happen with a lot of different drugs, not just alcohol. If you drink so much that it causes permanent damage to your organs you’re looking at things like brain damage and cognitive impairments, liver damage, which can manifest as jaundice, gastrointestinal dysfunction, bleeding problems, and free fluid in your abdomen, and a host of other liver issues.

As a healthcare professional, or even just as someone’s friend, I would be concerned if you told me you need to drink on a daily basis to feel happy.

I urge you to seek immediate mental health services and explore your dependence.

How Many Bottles is Enough and What are their Effects?

1-2 drinks: You’ll feel relaxed, easy-going, and talkative

2-4 drinks: tipsy, loud, uninhibited, and silly

5-6 drinks: excitable, easily confused, clumsy, impaired judgment

7-8 drinks or more: Drunk, loss of environmental consciousness, inability to perform coordinated tasks, likely memory loss, lethargic.

By comparison, the pattern of a habitual drinker would look like this:

0 drinks: I could use a drink. Easily distracted. Moody.

1-2: Normal

3-5: Relaxed, calm, still mostly normal

5-6: relaxed enough to finally get some sleep. Couldn’t do complex math or delicate tasks, but will absolutely try to anyways.

6-8: I’m up. What should I do?

8-10: I found a YouTube video about teaching cats circus tricks. Where is Milo?

10-12: It’s fine I’ll just sleep here on the floor

If You Drink Every Day Will You Stop Feeling the Alcohol Effect Because Your Body Will Be Used to It?

No, instead, you’ll develop a tolerance for alcohol. It’ll take more bottles for you to get drunk. Plus, since alcohol is addictive in nature, you will eventually develop a dependency on it.

Is Drinking Twice A Week for A Long Period Will Affect Your Body in General?

It depends largely on how much you drink in each sitting. A small amount of alcohol, even when consumed daily, can actually have positive effects. On the other hand: binge drinking even once a week is bad for your body.

I Feel Like I Want To Drink Every Day After Work And Only Feel Happy When I Drink, Is That A Bad Sign Or What?

Of course, it is.

You’re probably depressed. I recommend doing therapy if you can afford it and spending some time reading about how to work your way out of it if you can’t.

Drinking Alcohol Everyday For 10 Years

What Will Happen If You Drink Every Day?

You’ll suffer from scars on your internal organs and accelerated growth.

Please stop. It is not recommended.

Author: Dr. Janet Hicks

Dr. Janet Hicks is an addiction medicine physician trained and certified to provide comprehensive care for addiction and substance-related disorders, including the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of such health conditions. With more than 25 years of experience, Doctor Janet Hicks helps you by providing all information required to educate yourself about substance detox and recovery.

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